Frequently asked questions ...

Do you accept credit cards or cash payment on arrival?

Both! We accept either credit card or cash payments on arrival. Credit cards attract a 3% surcharge as we use PayPal on our mobile phone. We do not accept Amex. Please note that all reservations require a 50% deposit at time of booking.

Are towels and linen provided?

Yes! All Maldon Getaways properties provide soft fluffy towels and quality bed linen. There are often spares in venue linen closets, so there's no need to bring extras. If your pet is holidaying with you in one of our pet-friendly properties, we ask that you bring your pet’s bed linen with you.

Is there a minimum stay required?

Our cottages and larger properties carry a minimum two-night stay. But we do offer single night stays at the historic Grand Hotel, a former hotel centrally located in Maldon, where The Stables (two adults) and The Studio Apartment (two adults) are both fully equipped to cater to your every need. 

Willow Cottage plus Adair House Guest Quarters also offer one night stays but there are someblackout dates. 

Of course subject to availability we can try get an early check in and late check out for a 1 night stay but two night tariff applies. 

Ask Jamie for any special requests. 

Can we organise a late check-out?

Sometimes you just want to sleep in or enjoy a leisurely breakfast in one of Maldon’s delightful cafes. Please do not hesitate to ask about our late check-out. This can be arranged and there is a fee, negotiable depending on the length of time you wish to extend your stay.

I left something behind!

You've had a wonderful stay, made yourself at home - as we invited you to - and now you're back home. You've unpacked, but wait......something's missing! It's your phone charger, sock, slipper, tee-shirt, mysterious other, and the only place it could be is back in Maldon. Don't worry, you're not alone. This is a story we hear many times, often several times a week. So feel free to call me because it is very likely we've come across your lost treasure while we've been cleaning and preparing the cottage for our next guests. Of course, we're totally happy to post your forgotten item back to you for the cost of postage plus a $10 service fee, payable via credit card prior to dispatch.

Why should I book with you direct, rather than via an online booking site?

For starters, it’s cheaper! And an online booking site isn’t going to give you our personalized, concierge-style service. Booking sites don’t know what’s happening in Maldon but we do! 

Do you have Gift Certificates?

Yes we do! You can nominate an amount or nights of stay for your Gift Certificate for use at any Maldon Getaways property.

Are pets allowed?

Some of our properties are pet friendly. These are properties with fully fenced gardens. Check out our pet-friendly properties on our ‘pet-friendly properties’ tab on the Maldon Getaways Home Page.


We have had quilting, photography , artist and study groups. Lets us know and we can advise and help.

Company Getaways

We can help with arranging catering and properties for Company Groups. Shoot us an email with details.


Yes we can put you in touch to arrange catering for your getaway.