Dear Guests,
During the bushfire season, which can be from November to March, we strongly recommend you download the VicEmergency app to keep you informed about any potential situations that may arise that require you to take action.
Maldon CFA test their fire siren on Monday evening at 5pm for several seconds. This is only a drill, and needs no response from you.
The siren does sound occasionally at other times, mostly during the day, but sometimes at night.
This could be for many reasons; a fallen tree, a car accident, a building fire, or grass fire.
Many of these situations are in the surrounding districts, as Maldon CFA covers a wide area. For example, it could be a small building fire in Castlemaine.
By logging in to the app, you will be able to locate the exact location of the incident, and a description of the incident will appear, as well as the status of the incident.
In the unlikely event that you are required to take action for your safety, it is important that you know the local 'safer place' Maldon Football Oval.